As many shareholders have never set foot in an underground mine, videos are an important way to show what an underground mine is like, and what our miners do. Safety is paramount, so before any personnel entered, the miners conducted “barring down” operations to scale any loose rock and ensure the workings were safe to enter before any videos were taken. Barring down is routinely conducted when first entering the mine, and after any blasting operations.

Videos added March, 2021 – Looking at the Mine, inside and out. The miners, led by Jon Farrell, our Mine Supervisor, and geologist Rachelle Hough of APEX Geoscience, and her assistants


Underground core drilling, Geologist reviewing high material in historic stope, Geologists and stopes high grade mineralization Main haulageway, Geologists resurveying, Historic stopes preparation, Stopes  review, Cleaning and preparation for mining 

Drilling preparation.

The following videos are a Virtual Mine Tour by Bayhorse CEO, Graeme O’Neill

Stacking Mineralized Mine Muck

Feeding the Ore-Sorter

Steinert Ore Sorter

Loading the Hopper

Waste Not

Entering the Mine

Barring Down

Washing Down in the Stope

Drilling and Bolting