The 2020-2021 drill program is focused on the Easter Egg Zone, that lies on strike between the RN Portal, at an elevation of 120 meters (393 ft), and the Jenner Portal, at an elevation 185 meters (606ft), that together host a historic resource of 220,200 oz/Au at 2.79 g/t (Norman, 1989)

The first drill hole is the program will be into the Jenner Zone with the intent to bring the 155,000 ounce historic resource to a current 43-101 resource

Please review the Bema Updating Report (1988) for a full description of the mineralization and historic resources, including the potential for a 500,000 gold resource at the Jenner Page 22. Table II)

The east west sections below are 10 meters apart and drilling is designed to confirm historic drill holes and expand the area of known mineralization between the RN Zone and the Jenner Zone 450 meters to the north east of the RN. (not shown on map)

The longest known drill intercept is in the Jenner Zone, 102 meters at 3.57 g/t Au

Easter Egg Zone extending to the East of the RN workings
Mineralization at Harrison can be characterized as a layer cake of mostly flat lying sheets of quartz veins within r quartz diorite (Tonalite)