Bonanza Silver Grades Identified During Ore-Sorting Testing

Posted on Oct 15, 2015 in News Release


Bayhorse Silver Inc. BHS: TSX-V (the “Company” or “Bayhorse”) reports positive testing results utilizing Ore-Sorting technology on samples from the Bayhorse Silver Mine, east-central Oregon, USA.

Preliminary results reported by Sacre-Davey Engineering has established that the mineralization at the Bayhorse Silver Mine is amenable to upgrading through Ore-Sorting technology. One hundred (100 ) random rock samples of between 1 inch to 5 inches in size were tested from approximately 200lb of material from the low grade stockpile from the 1984 mining program. The cut off grade established at that time was 188 ppm (6 opt) Ag.

Of the 100 samples tested, 37 contained values greater than the 1984 cut off grade of 188 ppm (6 opt) Ag including Bonanza Grades.

No of Samples Silver Grade Range

3. 12,898 ppm (414.7 opt) Ag to 2,037 ppm (65.49 opt) Ag

4. 1,651 ppm (53.08 opt) Ag to 1,448 (46.55 opt) Ag

3. 1,224 ppm (39.35 opt) Ag to 1,080 ppm (34.72 opt) Ag

4. 866 ppm (27.84 opt) Ag to 650 ppm (20.9 opt) Ag

6. 503 ppm (16.07 opt) Ag to 413 ppm (13.28 opt) Ag

9. 386 ppm (12.41 opt) Ag to 301 ppm (9.67 opt) Ag

8. 249 ppm (8.06 opt) Ag. To 201 ppm (6.59 opt) Ag

The 63 remaining samples graded less than 188 ppm i.e. less than cut off grade of the 1984 mining program and were treated as reject material for the purposes of the test.

The average silver value of the 37 higher grade samples (37% of the samples) was 1kg/ton (33 opt) Ag and more than 60% of the volume of low grade and waste mined material can be rejected from the process stream prior to the Dense Media upgrading.

In summary, Sacre-Davey has established that the mineralization at the Bayhorse Silver Mine is amenable to upgrading through Ore-Sorting technology. The Company now has established through the Ore-Sorting and Dense Media testing that it can readily upgrade the mineralization to direct shipping material. This should reduce processing costs substantially through rejection of a significant volume of waste material prior to it entering the processing and shipping stream.


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