Bayhorse Orders KSS100 Xray Ore-Sorter From Steinert US

Posted on May 2, 2017 in News Release

May 2, 2017 BHS2017-07

Bayhorse Silver Orders Steinert KSS100 Ore-Sorter For the Bayhorse Silver Mine.

Bayhorse Silver Inc. (the “Company” or “Bayhorse“) announces that it has ordered a KSS100, Transmissive X-Ray (“XRT”) Ore-Sorter from Steinert US for use at the Bayhorse Silver Mine, East-Central Oregon, USA. The KSS100, with an up to 40 ton/hour sorting capacity throughput, can effectively separate non-mineralized from mineralized material in the mine output prior to processing.

The Company has conducted extensive testing of the Bayhorse mineralization with Steinert US., on the effectiveness of the KSS100 XRT. The Sorter does not require any water in its operation, and has an extremely low power draw, that makes it extremely cost effective.

Steinert X-Ray Transmission Ore-Sorter

Steinert X-Ray Transmission Ore-Sorter

Bayhorse CEO Graeme O’Neill, comments that, “mining, crushing and processing mineralized material to recover or concentrate minerals, is a very costly process. By removing up to 65% of non-mineralized material from the mined material before it enters the main process stream, effectively pre-concentrating it, substantial cost savings can be made.” “The Steinert KSS XRT Ore-Sorter System is a proven technology that allows mines to reduce their footprint and become more environmentally friendly”.

The Company has funded the acquisition of the KSS100 XRT Ore-Sorter for its Bayhorse mine by entering into an Interim Financing Loan agreement for US$803,988 with NFS Leasing, Inc. Beverly, MA.